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Welcome to the Maryland Movers Conference

Consumers beware! Don't get scammed by a rogue operator posing as a mover!

In recent years, as buyers have become increasingly more dependent on the internet for information, the number of “rogue operators posing as movers” has risen dramatically. Often these rogue companies lure unsuspecting moving customers by offering lowball estimates and false promises, then illegally hold a family’s goods hostage until they are paid for inflated charges.

Moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. How does a consumer know that the companies he or she is considering are reputable in this “buyer beware” market? Fortunately, the Maryland Movers Conference is here to help those consumers that are preparing to move.

The Maryland Movers Conference is a specialized segment of Maryland Motor Truck Association that represents the legitimate moving and storage industry. The Conference is comprised of more than 50 professional moving companies that move household or office goods. Many of these Maryland moving companies also provide storage in a secure warehouse.

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