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The Maryland Movers Council (MMC) is a specialized segment of Maryland Motor Truck Association (MMTA) that represents the moving and storage industry. All members of the Council must be members of MMTA.

Members of the MMC enjoy the following benefits:
  • They meet regularly to address industry concerns and here from expert speakers on a variety of important industry topics.
  • Companies can use the Council's Terms and Conditions for Maryland Local Bills of Lading, its Office Movers Terms and Conditions, or its Storage Contract and Warehouse Receipt. These documents help your company standardize customer and moving company relations on local household goods or office moves.
  • The Council's Registered Mover Program can be used as a marketing tool by qualified members to enhance their company's reputation.
As a member of MMTA, you'll also be eligible for the numerous benefits the Association offers. These include:
  • Special toll discounts for companies that enroll in E-ZPass.
  • Discounts on trucking supplies, fuel, tires, drug and alcohol testing, and more!
  • Our monthly MMTA Bulletin and quarterly Maryland Motor Truck magazine, packed with news on our state's trucking industry.
Are you interested in becoming a member of MMTA and the Maryland Movers Council?
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MMTA provides real value for our members through an array of products, services, and affinity programs. Click here for a list of our endorsed providers and services.

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