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Registered Movers Program

The Maryland Movers Conference has developed a Registered Mover Program (RMP) for the benefit of both consumers and moving companies. Although membership in the RMP is not required of any Conference member, companies are encouraged to participate. RMP members must:

  • Abide by a Code of Ethics, so that customers will be assured that their movers have the highest standards;
  • Follow general guidelines for dealing with customers and adhere to the program's Statement of Policy;
  • Agree to a system for arbitrating disputes between movers and customers, so that customers will be assured of a timely resolution of any complaint without the need for costly and time consuming litigation; and
  • Furnish copies of their moving contracts, warehouse receipts and storage orders to the Registered Mover Committee for review so that the Committee may verify that the documents meet the standards of the RMP.
Qualified companies can use their membership as a marketing tool to enhance their reputation, while their customers will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their mover is a member of the RMP.

Moving customers - click here for a list of currently qualified Registered Movers or fill out our online form to request a moving quote from up to three Registered Movers.

Moving companies - click here to download a copy of the RMP membership application.
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